Orthotics and Arch Supports, Pittsburgh


  • Often prescribed orthotics and insoles are covered by your insurance when distributed by a podiatrist!
  • Arch supports help prevent plantar fasciitis and treat heel spur pain
  • We now offer CROCS , Spenco Sandals, & OTC Arch Supports that you can try on!
 Need Orthotics?

Need Orthotics?

When considering an arch support or orthotic insole device, go to a podiatrist to be evaluated, at a Foot Clinic not by a salesman at the Good Feet Store. A thorough bio-mechanical exam to evaluate specific joint motion and gait pattern as it pertains to the lower extremities, heel pain, your foot type, muscle strength, arch pain, heel spurs found, age, shoe gear and activity level will also help properly prescribe your arch supports or foot orthotics

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

  1. Tailored to your activity and foot type
  2. Prevents further damage to your foot from abnormal motion
  3. Custom made – to provide maximum comfort
  4. Helps alleviate heel spurs and arch pain
  5. Covered by many insurances
 Arch Supports for women, Children, running

Arch Supports for women, Children, running


Arch supports and Orthotics come in Rigid, Semi-Rigid, Soft/Flexible anddress shoe – Ask your doctor about the right style for you.