Have Tattoo Regret?

 Have Tattoo Regret?

Laser Tattoo Removal - Serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area

If you’re thinking about tattoo removal, but are hesitating because of the amount of time you’d have to invest, you should know that Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa is using the most advanced laser technology available today.

As tattoos become more and more popular, tattoo removal is also becoming quite common. People remove tattoos for many different reasons:

  • You want to remove a tattoo that contains the name of an ex-spouse.
  • You no longer like your tattoo(s).
  • You would like to get new tattoos and “fade” your older ones.
  • You’d like to get a job that requires some or all tattoos to be removed.

You can remove your tattoos easily and effectively using our new system, called the R20 Technique!

Fast Tattoo Removal in Pittsburgh

Beaver valley Foot Clinic removing a sea horse tattoo from female leg.

Beaver valley Foot Clinic removing a sea horse tattoo from female leg.

In the past, removing a tattoo has been a long, somewhat painful process. Now, there’s a procedure that will give you results in one session. The R20 Technique can remove the ink from a tattoo in just one-fourth the time of previous removal processes. So if you have required four treatments to complete a removal, the new R20 Technique takes only one. (Previously, eight sessions would now take only two session using this technology, and so on).

Instead of having to wait for four months for a tattoo to be removed, you can now have it removed in n one day. If you’ve been told that your tattoo will take a year or two of treatments to fade and disappear, not it will only take a few months!

We offer the most advanced technologies for laser tattoo removal. Both the R20 and PicoSure machine are very effective for removal.

R20 Method

laser tattoo removal from leg

laser tattoo removal from leg

The R20 technique uses a laser to trace the entire tattoo. The laser causes gas bubbles form on top of the skin that contain bits of tattoo pigment. Once the bubbles start to disappear, the laser can be used again, this time penetrating more deeply into the skins. In one session, four passes of the treatment can be done, reaching further and further into the skin.


The PicoSure removes tattoos quicker and more thoroughly than other machines. It can even remove tough colors such as reds, purples, greens and yellows. The Pico Sure uses PressureWave technology, which shatters the ink quickly. 
The PicoSure removes the tattoo within 4-8 treatments, without destroying the surrounding skin.  About 75% of our patients have seen significant results within just 3 treatments!

If you are looking for safe, fast tattoo removal, call Beaver Valley Foot Clinic’s partner, Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa,  724-987-3221 to make an appointment. We have 10 locations in and around the Pittsburgh area. One of our certified laser technicians will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions about tattoo removal or any of our other aesthetic services.

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